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Hello everybody, I am Thug and I am so grateful to you for visiting my rated garbage disposals website. Our website is not the largest one on the Internet, thus the information we suggest you is up to the point, and what is more important, honest! I have been a laughing point for my family and friends who are sure I am concerned about garbage disposals maybe too much; still you’ve probably come across my site because the question of best rated garbage disposal is of great importance to you too, and you are right!


As far as I’ve been (and still do) dealing with selling renewed or new kitchens and their appliances, I consider myself to have a little bit more experience than an average person. But, I have to agree that I couldn’t have made heads or tails of all this without my trusted co-worker and friend Phillip who is fond of technical side of garbage disposers.

How to Find the Best Garbage Disposal

If you are pressed for time, I have made a short comparison table for you to see straight away, which models are available, and what peculiarities stand out most of all. If you do have time, but still don’t want to surf the whole Internet looking for the model which suits you the most, consider the following information.

1066409Continuous Feed vs Batch Feed

Continuous-feed garbage disposals are of great popularity nowadays, but if you’re interested in something safer, the batch-feed model is the one you are looking for.

1066409Grind Stages

Generally, the more grind stages there are in your disposer, the better the waste will be disposed when it gets to the sewage system or septic tank. The point is what waste you want to recycle.


Obviously, you’re interested in this section the most. Noise is an essential issue for most of people, so don’t forget to check whether the food waste disposer you want has decent insulation (usually this issue is addressed in my reviews).

1066409Additional facitrs

Among other not less important factors that spring to mind are price (it goes without saying), size (especially if you are pressed for space at home) and kind of waste to dispose of. Again, this thins are covered in my reviews.

Top Picks


Best Garbage Disposal Overall

The InSinkErator Evolution Excel will astonish you by its durability and power. Of course, the price is a little bit higher than average garbage disposal prices, but you can hardly find something better.

Cheap Garbage Disposal

You can hardly believe it but, yes, the price of one of the best garbage disposals ever doesn’t overcome $150!

Best Rated Batch-Feed Disposer

This disposer will be the best variant for those who are obsessed with the idea of ideal cleanness and safety. Batch-feed models’ prices are usually a little higher than ones of continuous-feed systems, still InSinkErator has succeeded in combining the price with quality.

Power Garbage Disposers (3/4 Hp and More)

Best Value Garbage Disposal

Evolution garbage disposal can hardly be believed to cost less than $200 (according to latest information). It’s the best price ever!

Best Budget 3/4 Hp Kitchen Garbage Disposal

Obviously, it’s not the latest model produced by InSinkErator, but it does possess 3/4 Horsepower and has got a decent place in garbage disposal ratings.

1/2 Hp Garbage Disposers

Best Rated 1/2 Hp Garbage Disposal

If you produce light organic garbage in the kitchen but have something to get rid of here and there, my review on the Waste King L-2600 might help you.

Best-Value 1/2 Hp Kitchen Garbage Disposal

It sounds crazy, but you can get the Waste King L-1001 with 1/2 horsepower (one of the legend series) for about $65!

Brands Reviewed on our Website

Our website will give you a hard look on both InSinkErator and Waste King  garbage disposals for sale. They are on the top of producing kitchen garbage disposals, and they have stayed there for a long time.

Still, I’m not the proponent of missing out a little bit smaller brands which you might even not have heard of. Due to this, you will also find some reviews on models produced by such companies like General Electric, Whirlaway and Kitchen Aid. After all, we live in democratic world, so you have a right to know as many variants as possible before choosing!

Hints and Tips

Besides the reviews I’ve gathered, you will find the information on issues you might have faced with your current kitchen garbage disposal. Below you can see some links that will help you to solve problems you might already come across. If you are confused by unclogging a garbage disposal, consider this page. On the very page, you can also read about garbage disposals that won’t work or are leaking.

If you are not going to call a plumber, but aren’t an expert in installing or replacing a garbage disposal, this installation page will be useful for you. There is nothing hard about that, and this page will help you to understand how elementary it is.

When you have installed your garbage disposer, maintenance is the thing that keeps your unit working. This link will lead you to a very simple video that will provide you with some simple steps how to keep your garbage disposal clean, and get rid of harmful bacteria and bad smells in your kitchen. As you can you see, this website isn’t made just to convince you to buy this or that model straight away or you might regret missing out such a great opportunity (still I have mentioned where you can find these garbage disposals for sale), it’s just to help you to get the best of your disposal unit.

5 Best Rated Garbage Disposals

It’s not an easy thing to choose between the models which differ in power and purpose, but I’ve distinguished My Top Rated Garbage Disposals:

1. InSinkErator Evolution Excel

InSinkErator Evolution Excel Part of the evolution range from InSinkErator will be the best for the exacting household.

InSinkErator Evolution Excel Garbage Disposal


2. Waste King A1SPC

Waste King A1SPC Knight It can hardly be overrated for extended warranties, durability and power!

Waste King A1SPC garbage disposal


3. Waste King L-2600

Waste King L-2600 has 0.5 horsepower and its warranties are some of the most extensive. It is perfect for dealing with tough waste and can be considered a cheap garbage disposal, as its cost doesn’t overcome $75.

Waste King L-2600 garbage disposal


4. Waste King L-3300

You don’t need to worry about rusting details never more with Waste King L-3300! It is one of my top 5 due to a perfect combination of price and quality: with its in-home warranties and of course it’s 3/4 horsepower, you can get it only for about $100.

Waste King L-3300 garbage disposal


5. General Electric GFC520V

General Electric GFC520V may be new for you in terms of garbage disposing, but this machine offers great capacity as for a 1/2 horsepower model.

General Electric GFC520V garbage disposal


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